FIRM – Activate Fisioterapia

TYPE – Commercial | Retail

STATUS – Built

YEAR – 2018

SIZE – 250sqft

High-Tech Physical therapy clinic.

Located between high mountains in Ponferrada, León, Activate Fisioterapia was conceived in 2018 to improve physical therapy services at the north of Spain. The project incorporates state-of-the-art wellness and Physiotherapy technologies, it also demonstrates that a modern architectural solution should preserve the spirit of its culture.
A new 250 square meters was converted into different individual rooms to to practice the best physiotherapy, pillars and biomechanic techniques.

The design revolves around clean shapes and luminous materials, with a Nordic way that reminds of the nature that surrounds this city. Lights are present in each room, with intentions for relaxation, guides or specific techniques. Raised platforms and drop ceilings, each providing a different level of privacy, culminating with a reception waiting room space. The interior is a continuation of this impressive interactive facade and has its own life.