FIRM – Discobolo Sport

TYPE – Health sector

STATUS – Built

YEAR – 2020

SIZE – Child & Adult

Protect yourself using the KN95 Mask – FFP2
Mask prepared to protect ourselves from pathogens such as bacteria or viruses, aerosols and non-toxic liquids, such as oil mists.

Thanks to the FFP2 – KN95 Pack 2uds Mask, you will protect yourself from pathogenic biological agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, …) without losing comfort. This mask has a minimum filtration efficiency of> 95% (BFE). It is made of polypropylene.

With this mask you can follow the Spanish health recommendations for the use of masks during the state of alarm.

CE certificate: FFP2 (EN 149-201)

Meets KN95 Requirements (GB 2626-2006)

FDA approval (USA)

BFE> 95% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)

PFE> 95% (Particle Filtration Efficiency)