WDCA Philosophy

We are more than a traditional architectural rendering company.

The most successful way of dealing with views or perspectives is to work the images as artworks aimed at the heart and emotions, to make a convincing presentation with a storytelling about each type of project.

As the director of the image we have to make sure that the images should be doing what they are best at, which is triggering feelings and emotions.

The images brand the project, the architect and the builder. This is often neglected, and the average soul-less imagery could in worst case hurt the project. Every new project has unique qualities that should be reflected in the images.

We focusing on the overall composition and story in order to end up with the best possible project image and maintaining our high standard.

You can see a variation in styles and atmospheres in the images of our web.

3D & 360º Project Visualizations

Project workflow

For project management we need a contact person who is authorized to make decisions and is available as a project manager for the central exchange of information until the completion of the agreed-upon images.

The availability of the contact person is an essential basis for the contractually compliant processing of the order.

For the processing of your orders, we need usable basic data from you for the visualization.

It is ideal to receive a finished project for a better image visualization. We can design and produce 3d models of all sizes and complexities at an extra cost. (that will be analyzed in each project).

- We can import various formats, .3ds, .obj, .3dm, .fbx, .rvt, Archicad, Cinema4D and more formats.

- Files for architecture and landscape architecture in .dwg and .pdf formats.

- Background images to serve as the basis for a perspective that is to be created (at least 4000 pixel width and in a lighting that corresponds to the desired result). (Cost related to Photography is not included, we can create this backgrounds at an extra cost).

- Complete planning and description of ladscape architecture.

- Description of the materials and references.

- Description of furniture and references.

If the order includes the production of a 3D model, we will need the following information/materials:

- Construction documents in a coherent state (master plan / site map / floor plan / cuts / views / details) in .dwg and .pdf formats.

- Information concerning the functions of individual parts of the building.

- Information concerning the materials.

The geometry and the camera will be settings and fixed in this phase, are bindingly fixed to be able to start working on the storytelling and emotions of the image in a more professional way.
The creation of hyper realistic materials is very important for archive a extremly realistic render, we can provide the best materials with all the finest details that the client desire with all the requeriments on it.

If you looking for a realistic, nostalgic and impressive mood situations, we are able to make your ideias became true! Is very important for as to get a unique and impressive image for your project and make the diference to others.

In addition, the preparation of the final rendering takes place. With the completion of this phase, the mood of the image and the light direction are bindingly fixed. Changes can be made within the framework of additional agreements.

The rendering is an ITtechnical, working process that develops the raw image blanks for an elaboration of the staffages.

Normally, there will be 2 corrections included in the initial price, if there is enough time in the timing. Otherwise, it will be established which day there will be correction of the image.

Last step in visualization work, and most important because it is at this stage that everything will compose and give the final look and power to the the image!

In this phase, the mood of the image and the careful coordination of the individual image components are refined.

In addition, the images for simulating the living conditions through various staffage (people, animals, etc.) are added.

what we do

Our Features

Digital Creatives
We are specialised in architectural visualization towards marketing contemporary architecture, design and development with clear focus on sophisticated look.
Design Atmospheres
Light, shadow, texture and color are the tools WDCA combines to communicate the values of architecture through an image that will linger in our memory.
Diversity of Answers
Every client and every project is different. We are encouraging and supporting our artists to develop and improve their own answers.
Wide Experience
From still images to animations to virtual reality experiences always trying to deliver the individual expressions of our Artist matching the needs and desires of our clients.

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